Born and raised on the west coast, the site's editor and astrologer has always had a deep affinity with astronomy and astrology. She began studying astrology at the age of 14. In college, while writing her thesis in art history, she became enamored with the history of ancient astronomy and Hellenistic astrology and its techniques and the many historical events it subsequently helped shape.  

She successfully completed her thesis and went on to build a career in New York and continued  studying, testing,  and practicing astrology for 13 years. She currently lives and practices in San Francisco and travels regularly to New York and LA to help clients based there. 

Consultations currently need to be scheduled 3-5 weeks in advance, but you can email to check for last minute openings. 


testing theories constantly to refine one's practices for best results is the best way to  learn from — and apply astrology  

Things she's currently investigating and experimenting with to possibly incorporate in future practice

— Vedic Yogas & Dashas
— Astrocartography and relocation in solar and lunar returns

A list of just some of the considerations  
she currently uses

— Tropical Zodiac
— Fixed Stars
— Decans
— Light use of asteroids for natal charts
— Magical & Electional Astrology
— Arabic Parts
— Mansions of the Moon


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new york

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