Full Moon in Taurus, Her Exaltation

 Photo by Tim Walker, Styled by Katy England for  Another Man Magazine

Photo by Tim Walker, Styled by Katy England for Another Man Magazine


The moon will ingress into Taurus at 2:46 AM PST.  A gorgeous election for starting something would be at around 6:00 am PST, especially because Venus will be in her own sign, conjunct the fixed star SPICA, giver of treasures and wealth. At that time the moon will also be conjunct the part of fortune in the 7th house. Send off your resume or list that house for sale at this time for a good return on your endeavors. 

At this early morning hour, the moon will be transitioning from the end of the 3rd Moon Mansion (ruled by the Pleiades) to the 4th Moon Mansion (ruled by fixed star Aldeberan)

I am getting mixed signals from sources that quote the Picatrix as to the nature of the stars of the Pleiades, so be careful in doing elections too early here. But generally the 3rd mansion foretells abundance and forges strong and positive relationships, but also cautions against going overboard in overindulgence. 

Full Moon November 2017 Times and Dates

Los Angeles   November 3 – 10:22 pm
New York       November 4 – 1:22 am
London          November 4 – 6:22 am
Delhi              November 4 – 10:52 am
Tokyo             November 4 —   2:22 pm
Sydney             November 4 – 3:22 pm

On Friday, November 3rd

... the moon will wax to her fullness in a place that we astrologers think of as her "exaltation". She is her most radiant, exquisite, and strangely, her most powerful in this particular part of Taurus, its second decan. Taurus is considered the most "fruitful" sign for the moon; everything she touches at this time, thrives with such verdant life force, that it seems almost magical, even enchanted. Endeavors, projects, and relationships begun during a waxing moon in Taurus, almost always succeed effortlessly, and have a knack for standing the test of time. Circle all day, Friday the 3rd —  it's a sterling day to kick off things you really need to succeed, but it's also a glowing time to throw a party that will be so fun, so memorable, and where friendships are forged or strengthened. 

The impulse will be to party and to indulge, especially for those who already have a bit of a lazy streak. Absolutely, go ahead and have a blast but don't be so complacent and just let this gorgeous full moon slip away.  It's important to use this time to plant seeds that you want to grow. Use this time to manifest tangibly and triumph in areas where you've been meaning to succeed. Schedule that important meeting, presentation or coffee break with a powerhouse — anything that can help shift change for yourself. Obviously, it would be great to know where the full moon will fall in your own natal chart — you can find this info here. 

Full Moon is exact at 10:22 PM PST on Friday November, 3rd  ( or 1:22 AM EST on Saturday Nov. 4th if you're on the east coast) at 11'58" ° Taurus.  After these times, the moon will officially begin waning and will begin to lose her full potency as she moves  through this decan. It won't be the end of the world if you start something that Saturday morning (like the brunch of all brunches?) or afternoon if you're in the states, it just will have a little less "oomph."

Send off the resume ...

Just for a moment pretend that you wake up super early in the am to go to the gym, because the most gorgeous time to use this full moon for career or money purposes would be around 5:03 AM in New York, 5:09 AM in San Francisco and LA. Set your alarms!


For 8PM PST, or 9 PM EST to catch this gorgeous moon ...