Venus In Scorpio — The Decadent


Venus in Scorpio Nov. 7th - Dec. 1st 2017

Venus takes on a subtly gothic and sublime tone in the sign of Scorpio, and it's also a sign where she secretly craves mental drama. Works of art and ideas conceived at this time relish in the idea of "Decadence." The micro Victorian movement in art and literature by the same name saw "decadence" as the height of beauty — where beauty was at her fullest bloom, so full in bloom that she was on the verge of literal decay. The decay in Decadence is the key word here — it's when something feels alive to such an extreme that it also revels in its decline toward death. To the Decadents, this liminal transition was a transformation — a state of in between where one is neither alive or dead, but betwixt the two states.  This transformation was in short, magic — and it's here where one met with the sublime of beauty, and where I argue is the power of Venus in Scorpio.

Don't know you're rising sign? Let me help you :)

For Libra Risings, she most certainly will run your credit cards for a decadent shopping spree. It's up to you to decide if such a pleasure trip makes sense, and is practical in the long term. Indulge in a good meal instead of buying the couture item, it will likely be only good to wear or use for a season or two. 

For Scorpio Risings, Venus and Jupiter cresting on your ascendant means lots of attention and favors, and something like the most glorious snap filter permanently surrounding you at all angles all month, especially for those with early Scorpio rising. You can't take a bad photo right now, and luck just seems to be following you everywhere. On top of windfall luck and good news,  those who are single stand a greater chance in meeting someone special this month, or at least getting their undivided attention. In a room full of people you're more likely to part the seas and get the attention of everyone. Absolutely take advantage of this time and book salon visits, because a hair cut or new treatment will do wonders for you — though you really won't feel like you need it. If you're in a relationship, your significant other will most likely just be taking second glances and pinching themselves.

For Sagittarius Risings, you are going through a quiet but powerful privacy reset.  You'll feel contemplative, wistful, and most likely will be resetting your figurative and sometimes literal life privacy settings.  It can signify a break up or an ending for a relationship that coincides with a renewal in your personal dreams and convictions which you hold in your subconscious. You might be attracted to a secret love or crush or perhaps your thoughts drift back to an old relationship which changed you to your core. It is absolutely a month of subliminal reorganization of your unconscious. Write down dreams and thoughts because your subconscious is trying to bring about something special, just trust it.

For Capricorn Risings, this is a beautiful time where you regain faith and a renewed love and companionship with friends and maybe even mankind. It could be a period where a long time friend or someone within your circle of friends actually becomes a very serious love interest. Or perhaps a friend introduces you to one? Whatever the case may be, any love encountered at this time will have a  sudden spell binding nature; it has the potential to be a relationship of your dreams, but remember the intensity of Scorpio, it's not a relationship to take lightly.  Dreams and wishes aren't just in focus, they have a pretty high chance of actually coming true in a tangible sense.  Thank each lucky star and don't take anything for granted this month. 

For Aquarius Risings, this movement of Venus through your tenth house of career, success and achievements is a shining marquee month for you. You'll get the attention of those who can help you in your career and endeavors. You could land the project of your dreams. You have the attention of those who are important, so use this time wisely.  generally speaking, you seem to get along with those you work with and this

Pisces Risings it's the perfect time to jet off on a big ticket trip or to apply (and get in!) to a college, masters or PhD program of your dreams. IF there was some skill that you've always wanted to learn, now is absolutely the time to do it. If you've been hesitating due to life balance or scheduling issues, the universe will allow for it to happen, just trust and have faith. Because the experience in store for you, or the journey ahead, is one you're destined for, in a way. Just go for it and you'll be so glad you did down the road. 

A small windfall, inheritance, or stock option buy out  might becoming onto the horizon for Aries Rising,  who are speculating or looking to get investment or help from others.  This is a good time to apply for a new credit line, mortgage or pitch to a VC or investor, since you should be more favorably received than otherwise. Just be careful and double check the terms of the agreement to make sure that the terms are fair for both parties. Contracts of this nature signed at this time might have a whiff of unfavorable power plays. If you're the one writing the contracts, try not to succumb to such power plays because they will invariably be your own undoing even if you can't see it now. Play it straight and keep the chess moves to a minimum and you'll be fine. 

Partnerships solidify and strengthen in a meaningful way with Venus passing through the 7th house of relationships for Taurus Risings. Commitments formalize, proposals, move ins and engagements are in order. Whatever the case may be, any love established at this time will have a spell binding nature; it has the potential to be a relationship of your dreams, but remember the intensity of Scorpio, it's not a relationship to take lightly and certainly one where both parties need to guard against powerplay mind games. Be mindful of the desire to "have and to hold" — make sure that the one you have you're not holding on to as an object, but a person who has very real thoughts, feelings and needs.  It's important that as you initiate commitment in the very possessive sign of scorpio, that balance between both parties in every sense is respected, or at least, acknowledged. 

Gemini Risings, a work place crush is very, very possible for Gemini Risings at this time, and if that's the case, it's going to be very difficult to resist this. Before doing anything rash, think very very carefully as to whether or not this is something you would prefer to keep in a more mental headspace as opposed to a tangible situation with real consequences. And if cubicle romance is definitely not in the picture then this is a wonderful time where a project or some element of your work  can shine when you hone in on your innate intelligence and go deep, or at least the distance with it.  Don't be lazy — apply yourself and you'll be rewarded. 

Cancer Rising
Your creativity and romance 5th house Whatever the case may be, any love encountered at this time will have a  sudden spell binding nature; it has the potential to be a relationship of your dreams, but remember the intensity of Scorpio, it's not a relationship to take lightly.

Leo Risings
4th house nesting

Virgo Risings
3rd house  

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Source: Unknown


The quintessential treatise for Venus in Scorpio would be,  À rebours, by Huysman, a catalogue of taste and  extreme pathology for this particular sense of beauty, according to it's very reclusive (and very rich, but wastefully so) anti-hero. A must read for Scorpios, artists, and other creatives wanting to delve further into this Venus mood. When Venus in the sign second to her domicile, Scorpio, she takes and feels with lots of mental foreplay and a little less conscience. Here, Venus stretches and flexes her beauty in overwrought details and she's is absolutely seductive, but in a strangely enchanting way. She seeks melodramatic storylines, is at home under high gothic arches, and spends her time in elaborate but sensual scenarios and schemes... and in worse case scenarios, mind f*cks for sport — but really — in pursuit of digging up the unknown.  Some think Venus in Scorpio is gory, bloodthirsty, or like a horror story, but I think she's subtler than that. Again, this is Venus in the sign second to her domicile so tactile focus on assets and the Taurean concepts of "having" and "holding" become the focus, but with the transformative twist of Scorpion decay.  Unless there are applying hard angles with outer planets, there's nothing outright blood dripping about Venus in Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio is libertine, wanton, a bit unchecked in terms of reveling in tactile sensory overload. Think velvet lined with satin, edged in mink fur. She isn't exactly practical or productive here, instead she revels in the possession of her assets and talents,  but doesn't necessarily apply them with purpose, at least in this month, as she separates from a sextile with Saturn starting on the 5th as she exits Libra. This lack of application could be characterized mimetically by decadent painter Gustave Moreau's obsessive paintings of Salomé's Dance of the Seven Veils, where she dances for the severed head of John The Baptist. Venus is seductive, sublime but also a touch dangerous here, in partnership dynamics. There's a tense energy as Venus does dance through Scorpio, she's opposite her other sign, Taurus all of November, and as she applies in opposition to a particularly nasty fixed star, Algol, at 26° Taurus, that tenseness will only increase before it's exact on Nov. 28th 2017. You can expect drama, flareups, break ups, skirmishes to increase then.