Saturn in Capricorn Horoscope

Saturn in Capricorn — Dec. 21st 2017 - Dec. 18 2020

Saturn moved into Capricorn, its home territory, over the holiday, marking the beginning of a big three year shift for all rising signs. 

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Capricorn Rising — These next three years is where you'll really "own it" —you're gonna come into your own, empowered and knowing exactly what you need to do to accomplish your big goals. Now is the time to edit down your closet, change your look for the better, start a new fitness regimen, or diet.  

Aquarius Rising — Contemplation of the meaning of our existence, our accomplishments, and our “failures” and unless you're self aware and have a support system in place, this might be difficult. Do meditation or psychoanalysis, get in touch with your subconscious dreams and tendencies, and then reorganize with hypnotherapy or some other solution.

Pisces Rising — How we fit in with others, our affiliations with people and groups, and our peers all become serious focus. You'll be pruning down any friends or extra outside activities that turn out to be not as important as you once thought. 

Aries Rising — The next three years is a time of self-evaluation of your goals, opportunities like suddenly leaving a job, or career field, can offer you the freedom to appraise where you want to go.

Taurus Rising — This is a period in your life dedicated to self-improvement. Your developing your big picture ideals and commitments, possibly through higher learning or through a new belief system.  Don't be afraid to question. 


Gemini Rising — How have you been using power? You'll find that previous methods of controlling your environment, people, and especially partners in your life simply isn't effective any more.  You need to rethink your power dynamics with others.

Cancer Rising — You'll initially feel frustrated and withdrawn from one on one relationships, but now is the time to face the reality of your partnership and do serious spring cleaning. Consider marriage counseling or some other mediation. Talk openly and constructively about any grievances. 

Leo Rising — Your daily routine will bog you down if you don't recreate some structure, order or system to help you.  Your call to action is to rethink the details of your day to day, stream line.  Now is the time to take care of your health, pick up healthy habits like exercise and vitamins, they will pay off.

Virgo Rising —  What are your creative talents? Have you worked hard enough to feel good about “playing hard”? The answer should be yes.  Think of a hobby or passion and organize your creative talents to become true impresario at it.  If any one can, a virgo rising can. 

Libra Rising — Solidifying your identity and reworking yourself from the inside out is the theme for the next 3 years. Life changing personal and psychological breakthroughs are in store for you. As is massive home reorganization.

Scorpio Rising — There's pressure on your mental output. How you organize and disseminate your thoughts and general information is up for review by yourself and others. Spell check yourself, reread  before posting, create an organized system — because it's likely you don't have a strong one in place. 

Sagittarius Rising —Your effectiveness, self-worth, and finances are up for review. You'll be working hard to practically get by financially speaking. Finances or the ability to bring in income might drop or slow down.But you must press on.  At the end of it you'll know exactly what you're good at and happy doing.