Solar Return Travel Consultation

Solar Return Travel Consultation


Have you ever felt that a place, distant or nearby, held a special power or connection to you? It doesn't necessarily have to be beautiful or exotic but simply being there changes the way you think and feel, for better or worse. There are places where we can suddenly feel expansive and truly ourselves, where there are other places that can make us feel small, caged, and even a little bit cursed. There is a logic to this, one that the study of astro-cartography focuses on.

Each day, the sun moves one degree through the zodiac's 360 degrees. The moment the sun returns to the exact degree, to the second, under which you were born, is a incredibly magical moment. It has been proven that the energy of the planets, their energetic interplay at that moment can dramatically shift the course of your next year. That's why many astrologers (including myself) and their clients travel for this moment, to achieve the best and most beneficial results depending on personal priorities. Career, health, love, pregnancy, financial success, etc.  

This consultation involves a series of exchanges in which we pinpoint the biggest priorities, I'll briefly research your past 3 solar returns, check your own natal transits and progressions, then will do a few hours of research on the most ideal location for you, then finally check it against your natal chart to make sure that the goals of the next year sync perfectly with your own personal energy and life purpose. We'll have a  1 hour conversation where I share with you my research and logic for that location. 

I need to have an accurate birth time. Please let me know how accurate a birth time you have — a birth certificate being the most ideal source. This service cannot be completed in good conscience if the birth time is off by an hour. 

* Conducted by telephone (Skype call available for international clients)
* Digitally recorded as an audio file (at your request) and e-mailed to you
* 100% confidential
* Payment is due in advance of your session (at time of booking)

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