The Celestial Mechanic
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Celestial mechanics?

Celestial mechanics is the branch of study that applies the principles of physics to celestial objects, such as stars and planets to create what's called ephemeris data. We use the same ephemeris data that NASA has developed and apply classical and modern astrological techniques. Astrology is a lens through which we can explore any facet of the known universe; time, current events, financial markets, trends, to more personal things like, why our cat ran away, what went wrong in a relationship, or what is our life purpose. It's most commonly used to understand individual human experience, and we'll focus on that mostly. This site will explore all of these things but will always point to the exact "why" and "how"—  that is, the transits, progressions, and even physics of these celestial objects as they relate to astrological interpretation.

Detailed analysis of these planetary movements will be used to help empower readers in their own self knowledge and guide them along their personal path. 


My Approach



Have you ever wondered why horoscopes can be hit or miss? Why some people just don't believe in them?  It's because your sun sign is just one of millions factors that can be applied when looking at your personal horoscope — and it's not even the most specific.

In fact there are many more factors that contribute to the astrological profile of an individual, situation, relationship, or place. We can better understand any of these things by measuring time, space, and the celestial mechanics taking place at the moment associated with the conception or birth of these things. Using a proven system that accounts for planetary signs, houses, degrees, and aspects, the nuances of these factors, and the exactitude by which we can measure them, contribute to accurate analysis, process, and prediction.
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Those who already know their way around their natal chart, please enjoy as I add more content.